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The best iPad repair in Hamilton

Finet Wireless is the top repair shop in Hamilton for any overly-used or broken iPad. Our services are provided by qualified phone and iPad repair professionals. Our iPad experts will examine your iPad onsite and efficiently repair broken screens, replace buttons, or replace batteries. Give us a call at 905-308-9585 if you have any questions about our in-house iPad repair services. We have never seen a damaged iPad that we can’t fix!

Home & Lock Button Replacement

Broken buttons can be a pain and an eyesore. At Finet Wireless we will quickly replace broken buttons at a competitive price. A broken home button is no reason to buy a new iPad. In fact, this is one of the most frequent problems we face at Finet Wireless. Stop by during our business hours at our local Hamilton location to see our speedy button replacement for yourself. While you’re here, one of our qualified iPad repair technicians will be available to answer any of your iPad or iPhone repair related questions. 

Broken Screen replacement

It happens to all of us. You might not be able to prevent a broken or shattered screen from happening, but you can definitely have it replaced at Finet Wireless. When you look at the shattered lines on a screen of a freshly dropped iPad, a simple and easy repair seems impossible. Looks can be deceiving! At Finet Wireless we replace broken iPad and iPhone screens all the time. Come see our experience and friendly staff today at our local Hamilton location or call us at 905-308-9585. A brand new screen is only a short drive away.   

iPad Battery Service

iPads will always need to be charged to regain enough energy for the day. However, an iPad that doesn’t last more than a few hours is an iPad that needs to be repaired by a technician at Finet Wireless. To determine if your iPad needs to be seen by a repair technician, go through this small checklist. First, try restarting your iPad. If it won’t turn on at all, ensure that you have left the iPad charging long enough for the battery to gain some energy. Second, make sure your charger is plugged into the wall outlet. If it isn’t, don’t worry – it happens to the best of us! If you have gone through this checklist and have determined your iPad battery needs to be replaced, give us a call or drop by at our Hamilton location.