Tablet Repair Services

Finet Wireless is the best place to go if you are dealing with a broken tablet and need to get it fixed as soon as possible. We are the is the best electronics repair shop in Hamilton, Ontario.  Visit us today for all of your tablet repair needs including headphone jack repair, battery replacements, or screen replacements.

Finet Wireless is the #1 repair shop in Hamilton because our trained and experienced technicians work quickly and efficiently. No damaged tablet comes into Finet Wireless without being repaired. If we can’t fix it, no one can. Come visit us at our local Hamilton location to get your tablet repaired today or give us a call at (905) 308-9585. We look forward to seeing you in our shop!

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Headphone Jack Repair

One of the things we all enjoy most about our tablet is the ability to watch movies or listen to music. So what’s worse than having a broken headphone jack? Unless you really enjoyed reading subtitles, you should consider coming to Finet Wireless for a quick headphone jack repair. Broken headphone jacks are a common issue with tablets which our technicians at Finet Wireless repair at least twice a week. Whether it is jammed or has loosened over time, we have the solution to your problem. Once you bring your tablet to Finet Wireless, we will have a qualified professional repair it the same day.  It’s possible to go a long time without repairing a headphone jack, especially if you don’t need to use headphones wherever you’re using a tablet. However, think about the next time you are in a public place and want to listen to your favourite song. This is the moment when you will wish you had taken your tablet to our repair shop in Hamilton. Our prices are competitive, and our repairs are guaranteed. Visit us today or call at (905) 308-9585.   


Battery Replacement

There’s nothing worse than trying to Facetime your friends or catch up on the news while crouching on the floor to get closer to an outlet. This is the sign of someone who is dealing with a dying battery. Batteries die all the time, but a battery that should be replaced is one that is not holding a charge throughout the day. If you find yourself constantly needing to charge your tablet, it’s time to come visit us at Finet Wireless in Hamilton, Ontario. Our friendly staff will gladly work with you to replace your dying battery for a brand new one. Our favourite thing about doing battery replacements is seeing the reaction on our customer's faces :). Your new battery will make you think you have a brand-new tablet, especially if you had to keep it plugged in consistently.

Screen Replacement and Protectors

The best way to avoid shattering or cracking your screen is to invest in a really good tablet case. However, this tip isn’t very useful if your screen is already broken. Is important to replace your screen immediately if the screen is cracked because overtime the cracks only become larger. In most cases, the initial drop will only cause damage to the screen and not to the tablet itself. This is the best case scenario because at Finet Wireless we are constantly replacing tablet screens. This is one of the most common services that we offer because it is the most common way to damage a tablet. Bring your shattered tablet to our local Hamilton repair shop today to have your damaged screen replaced in under an hour. Our technicians will replace your screen efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about your tablet not working later on. If you have any questions about our screen replacement services, please call us at (905) 308 – 9585 or drop by our nearby location. No appointment is necessary.

Water Damage

Water damage is a little trickier to repair when it regards tablets, but it is nothing our experienced technicians at Finet Wireless haven’t encountered before. If you’re tablet is severely water damaged, place it in a bag filled with rice and bring the bag into our local location as soon as possible. The quicker you can bring your damaged tablet into a repair shop the quicker we can repair for you. It is crucial to repair water damage as soon as it happens. If your tablet has been damaged for several days already, it is still possible by to be repaired. For a diagnosis of your water damaged tablet simply drop-by our nearby repair shop in Hamilton today.

Replacing Broken Buttons

There’s just something really annoying about pressing a button that won’t work.  It is a very unsatisfying feeling and yet something we experience with phones and tablets often enough.  For this reason we have made button replacement one of our top services offered at Finet Wireless. Whether it is a home button, the volume button, or the power button – it can be replaced in our repair shop. All you need to do is call one of our friendly staff at (905) 308 – 9585 or drop in at our local repair shop. Our highly trained and certified experts are able to fix any damage tablet that comes their way.  This is what makes Finet Wireless the #1 repair shop in Hamilton, Ontario.


Why Choose Finet Wireless?

Whether it’s replacing buttons, water damage, or broken screens,  our technicians proved time and time again why customers continue to return to Finet Wireless when their devices break. Our repair services are quick and efficient. Our staff is friendly and detail-oriented. In our local repair shop we have all of the tools required to repair a tablet or phone as efficiently as possible. Our prices are competitive and fair. We are proud to be the top tablet repair shop and service in the city of Hamilton and we hope to see you soon! For any questions regarding our long list of tablet repair services please call us at (905) 308 – 9585.